Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Managing your Call Recording systems can take a considerable toll on internal IT resources. In some instances, it can cause a 25% to 30% increase in the Total Cost of Ownership. As the industry and technology evolves, we’ve seen a growing gap between the service, support, and skills companies need, and what they actually receive. Our Staffing Services address this gap.

Often, we've seen that our customers can tell us about their frustrations and pain points, but cannot solve them on their own. Working with Wilmac and our Staffing Services for the management of your Call Recording ensures positive results, mitigates risk, and provides a quick and significant return on your investment.

Our ability to provide service and sales is not limited to North America. Thanks in part to our Global Partnership Alliance, we have access to the highest caliber of technical support professionals around the world. Our reach is truly global.

Flexible Staffing Service options are available on-site or remotely.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Advanced Training & Certification
  • Other – If you're looking for a Staffing Service option that isn't listed here, just let us know! We will work with you to develop a customizable approach to meet your needs. You know your business better than anyone, and in line with our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we will customize a tailored plan to help you achieve your goals.

Wilmac's Staffing Services offer many benefits:

  • Address existing project, team, or responsibility gaps
  • Maintain control
  • Wilmac team is invested in your complex internal processes
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to your team
  • Affordable way to add resources
  • Cost effectively manage continually evolving IT needs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Overcome lack of internal capabilities
  • Place responsibility in expert hands
  • Dedicated resource solely focused on the core project at hand
  • Flexible

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