Moves, Adds, Changes

Call Recording technology is highly nuanced, and a small adjustment to one aspect of it can dramatically affect a whole host of other features and functionalities. When a change is needed, regardless of whether the edit seems major or minor, it is vital that the person performing the change is highly skilled and knowledgeable about your particular system. Move/add/change requests, often called MACs, are a common example of a service that must be carefully navigated.

Wilmac's Field Service Engineers (FSEs) perform MACs on a regular basis, and for a wide range of Call Recording systems and environments. Our FSEs understand the intricacies of how a MAC may impact your Call Recording system as a whole. If not managed properly, negative consequences can include failed system paths, improper integrations, system downtime, lost recordings, and more. Having a thorough understanding of third-party adjacent technology is also essential for successful implementation of moves/adds/changes.

Wilmac's FSEs can expertly move, add, change, or remove:

  • Licenses
  • Seats and/or channels
  • Secondary recording systems
  • Third-party systems that integrate with Call Recording
  • Software and databases from one server to another
  • Hardware from one location to another
  • Archiving changes

Additionally, many MAC requests can be managed remotely. If remote options are not feasible, or if there are physical location changes that are needed, Wilmac's FSEs are available for on-site work as well.

By letting Wilmac's Field Service Engineers perform your move/add/change duties, unintentional and often negative consequences, which can be caused by a less than thorough understanding of your Call Recording system, can be avoided. Contact Wilmac today to discuss your options for performing MACs.

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