Reinstallation & Reconfiguration

Reinstallation and reconfiguration of your Call Recording system is occasionally required to ensure your system remains fully functional and compliant. We see this most often when servers are replaced or if you’ve moved your system.

New server?

The average lifespan of a server is approximately five years. After that, operating systems get discontinued and manufacturers typically stop providing updates, patches, and bug fixes for them.

Call Recording vendors design their solutions based on the current OS available. This presents a problem for many users who may be forced to upgrade their servers before they need to upgrade their Call Recording.

Often, Call Recording systems are still fully functional and have not yet reached their own End of Life (EOL) dates, even if the server they run on has reached its End of Life.

When you replace and install a new server, Wilmac is available to come in and reinstall and reconfigure your Call Recording software for you. There is no need to buy new licenses or even pay for updates because most updates are already included in your maintenance agreement.

If there are new features or add-ons available now that did not exist when you initially bought the software, we will present these options to you, but you have our guarantee that we will never force you to into an upgrade you do not want or need.


Visit our page on Moves, Adds, and Changes for more information about how we can help.

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