Recording Resiliency

Recording Resiliency is one of the key elements for ensuring Business Continuity. Call Recording solutions can be designed and engineered with resilient features that render them unaffected by most disruptions, including:

  • Redundancy
  • Spare capacity
  • RAID architecture
  • UPS protection 
  • Anti-virus protection

Resilient features allow for maximum uptime, with uninterrupted Call Recording and access to calls. Whether your solution is affected by a disaster, or simply having updates/upgrades applied, you can avoid having any call or data loss.

While most large Contact Centers traditionally deployed resilient designs, it is now surprisingly affordable for Contact Centers of all sizes. Advances in recording system designs provide customers with the ability to realize the value of resiliency in ways that meet their specific needs. Systems can be designed to offer anything from basic recording resiliency, to full recording, database, and application resiliency. Furthermore, resiliency can be a layered approach, from something as simple as redundant power supplies and UPS, to fully redundant recording platforms and applications.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are knowledgeable in every aspect of Recording Resiliency planning and implementation.