Configuration Optimization

At Wilmac, we are Call Recording experts and we design every system specifically for you based on what we learn during a thorough discovery process that takes place before a solution is designed. We consider your industry, current technological environment, needs, and goals, and keep these in mind throughout the entire process, from initial design through to on-going maintenance support.

In order to design the best solution possible, Wilmac will ask questions regarding:

  • Number of channels/seats that need recording
  • Average call volume
  • Possible resiliency, redundancy, and contingency needs
  • Preexisting technology (phones, radios, turrets, computers, CRM systems, etc.)
  • Make, model, manufacturer, and age of third-party technology
  • Internet connectivity type and speed
  • Physical landscape of your environment

When Wilmac's Pre-Sales System Engineer designs a system for you, you can rest assured that it will take these factors into consideration to meet your current and future needs. Also, because we are vendor neutral, we are not obligated to sell one "off the shelf" product from one manufacturer. Our recommendations will be based on your needs, not on what is easiest for us to sell.

There are many benefits to a well-designed system:

  • System is appropriately sized (neither too large nor too small) for your needs
  • You actually get the features you want and will use
  • Existing technology (computers, phones, radios, etc.) will integrate seamlessly with the new system
  • Needlessly excessive cabling/wiring is avoided
  • "Add-ons" (extra servers, racks, etc.) are unlikely to be necessary, because the system is well designed from the beginning

Contact us today to learn more about how Wilmac's System Design Services can help you achieve an optimal system configuration.