Designing & Planning

Designing & Planning

The traditional sales process tends to skip steps and overlook specifics. At Wilmac, we approach the entire pre-sales process with careful attention to detail.

The goal of Wilmac's pre-sales process is to create a carefully crafted solution that meets both the business needs and technical requirements of your organization. To do this, we do as much as we can on the front end – even before a sale has been made. Others frequently try to figure out the specifics after the deal has been signed, which creates the opportunity for plenty of negative surprises.

One of the first steps we take is to hold a pre-sales meeting, which can either occur remotely or in person. This meeting takes the opportunity to communicate openly and honestly with your company’s internal and third-party technical resources, such as telephone, radio, network (IT), and/or turret providers. These resources have plenty of valuable information and knowledge available to them, and we use this crucial step to ask questions and gather info about your specific environment.

In this session, we discuss:

  • Brand/model/version/age of systems currently in place so we can verify any new product's compatibility with the version(s) being used in your environment
  • Quantitates of phones, radios, turrets, etc. so we can size licensing properly
  • Probe for any other unmet and unmentioned business needs

Additionally, whenever possible, Wilmac will conduct a "white board session" with your team of technical experts to "sketch out" the technical aspects for the entire project. Wilmac's sales representative and your main stakeholder are also usually involved to make sure the project stays on time and budget.

With the official proposal, we provide a very thorough design document that is far more than just a commercial quote. We also deliver a "customer-to-provide" document that details out exactly what is needed on your end. Again, our goal is to eliminate as many surprises as possible.

Big-box companies and manufacturers might provide close to this level of pre-sales detail if a customer is enterprise-sized, but they often ignore the smaller companies. This is not Wilmac's way. Regardless of the size of the project – whether it’s 4 channels or 400 – we do not deviate from our pre-sales process.

Wilmac truly believes that having a good design from the very beginning ensures that you receive a reliable system that will meet your needs for years to come. Please contact us with questions or let us know if you'd like to learn more about our pre-sales process.