Managed Services

In an ideal world, your company's internal resources could adequately provide support for your Call Recording systems. However, this frequently is not the case.

Our customers regularly face challenges such as:

  • Inadequate or limited support under existing Master Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Unqualified or a complete lack of internal resources
  • Budget limitations
  • No on-site or 24x7 support

Wilmac's customizable Managed Services offering addresses many of these issues. In general, Managed Services is the practice of paying someone outside of your company to help with your internal duties, usually in terms of IT. It is an alternative to the traditional "break/fix" model, and tends to be proactive instead of reactive.

With Wilmac's Managed Services, we become an extension of your organization, giving you access to the leading expertise and guidance you need.

When combined with existing on-site maintenance support models, our Managed Services offering guarantees optimal application and network performance, which minimizes unscheduled downtime and maximizes IT productivity. Some of our key enhanced service offerings are unique in the industry and provide significant value above a standard direct vendor support agreement.