Retention Program for Retired Assets

Retention Program for Retired Assets

A retention program is required when a company decommissions their old Call Recording platform and migrates to a new release, but still requires access to calls that are stored on the retired system. Retention requirements for compliance adherence will most likely require the ability to quickly and easily retrieve a call that was recorded previously. If this process is not successful it can result in significant financial penalty, litigation, or liability.

Wilmac will put applications and processes in place to ensure that a past recorded call will be retrievable in the future, regardless of the Sunset Support Policy on the legacy recording system. This is a key component in a compliance driven environment.

Wilmac has custom solutions depending on your retired platform. If necessary, Wilmac can retrieve a call and provide it to you in the required format, or Wilmac can train you to retrieve the necessary calls. Wilmac has also developed Continuity, an archive playback application for legacy replay that is:

  • Browser based
  • Small and lightweight
  • Utilizes industry standards (IIS, SQL Express)
  • Aligned with all IT requirements
  • Compatible with HTML/CCS/JavaScript browser
  • Efficient, using less DB capacity (approximately 50% less)

As a key business partner with industry leaders such as NICE, OAISYS, Knoahsoft, Red Box, and Teleopti, we are certified and trained on many different applications. Our retention program is the perfect solution to ensure past recordings are accessible in the future, no matter what technology your company has adopted.

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