LVM Security

LVM Security

When it comes to managing legacy voice data, security is often one of the largest concerns. Whether migrating data from one system to another, converting data from one format to another, or simply archiving recordings, every step of the process must be secure, and in many cases, auditable.

Wilmac takes several steps to ensure the security of our Legacy Voice Management practices. First, we only hire individuals of the highest moral caliber. Background checks are performed on every Wilmac employee before they are brought onboard and each employee signs non-discloser agreements (NDAs) before they are allowed to work with customers or their sensitive data.

Second, we perform the work ourselves; we do not outsource to unreliable third parties. If a partner is required for any portion of a project, you can rest assured that they have been thoroughly vetted and have also agreed to strict NDAs.

Last, the work itself is performed in the best and most secure manner possible. Passwords, secure logins, and encryption of data are all utilized when data is handled, extracted, converted, or uploaded.

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