Benefits & Components of LVM

Benefits and Components of LVM

Legacy Voice Management (LVM), Wilmac's solution for maintaining access to Voice Recordings from decommissioned recording systems, is a service that offers many time and money-saving benefits:

  • Search and replay functionality is greatly improved
  • Amount of time spent searching for specific calls is drastically reduced
  • Retrieval requests, either internal or regulatory, can be met quickly and easily
  • Compliance requirements pertaining to legacy recordings can be guaranteed
  • Voice Recording are available in standardized and future-proofed formats
  • In many cases, dependence upon old hardware can be decreased or eliminated completely
  • Risk of lost recordings – which can lead to fines, loss of business, or damaged reputation – can be mitigated
  • Historical call data remains available and can be used for analytical purposes

There are several key components of Legacy Voice Management.

  • Extraction: Audio Extraction forensically examines each tape, disk, or database for audio segments, which it then writes into long term storage and provides evidence of success or failure.
  • Conversion: Once extracted, legacy recordings and their associated metadata are converted into an open-source media format that is easier to import into modern replay applications, including Wilmac's Continuity
  • Indexing: Wilmac has the ability to add call metadata to audio recordings, which then makes audio records more easily searchable
  • Importing: Wilmac has the ability to import your legacy data into Continuity, Wilmac's standalone media player, or your current Call Recording system
  • Securely Store: Because all Voice Recordings are processed through secure software, confidential information remains protected and private

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