Legacy Voice Management Services

Because of the continual changes in technology, it is very common for many organizations to have large amounts of data – recorded calls and associated metadata – archived on tapes and/or recording systems that have since been decommissioned. Very often these legacy recordings must be maintained in order to adhere to internal or regulatory compliance requirements.

Unfortunately, when it comes to accessing these legacy recordings, issues are far too common:

  • Original tapes are degraded or broken
  • The original recording system is no longer available or functional
  • Voice Recordings are in multiple data formats due to the different recording systems being used throughout the years
  • Call metadata (call start/end times, duration, channel/extension numbers, dialed digits, etc.) is limited or missing
  • Search and replay functionality is limited, making it is time consuming to manually sort through all legacy recordings to find the specific call you need

Legacy Voice Management (LVM) is a solution for maintaining access to the recorded voice calls that are archived on decommissioned recording systems or tapes. From the recovery and conversion of tapes, to exporting and converting updated data, our Legacy Voice Management offerings are expansive, flexible, and can increase ease of search and replay.

Learn more about Legacy Voice Management and how it can mitigate non-compliance risks and save you time and resources.


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