Radios, Phones, & CPE

As technology continues to improve, the abundance of solutions available in Emergency Communication Centers also grows and become more diverse. It is common to find different brands, makes, models, and types of technology, including radios, telephones, and other CPEs that facilitate communication.

Given the crucial task fulfilled by these systems, it is mission critical that all emergency communication technology integrate properly, or else risk lost recordings, operational failure, and system downtime. When every decision has the potential to affect lives, having seamless technological integrations is more important than ever.

Wilmac's integration expertise extends to radios, phones, CPEs, Communication Recording solutions, Digital Evidence Management systems, and much more.

Modern recording solutions and data management solutions can integrate with:

  • Airbus VESTA
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • EF Johnson
  • Harris
  • (Intrado) West VIPER
  • Motorola
  • (Nortel) Avaya
  • Zetron (CAD system)
  • And many more

Regardless of environmental complexities and the age/make/model/type of the telephony, Wilmac is available to ensure that Communication Recording and Digital Evidence Management systems integrate properly with radios, phone systems, and other CPE currently present in your Emergency Communication Center.

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