Software Compatibility Considerations

Your Call Recording system is interconnected with other critical systems, such as Windows OS, Citrix-based systems, and more. These integrations are complex but enable your technology to work together. This setup can also prove problematic, especially when changes are made to any of the systems.

All interconnected software components will likely need updates or patches at one point or another. When an update is applied to one system, we have seen it also impact the Call Recording system. These updates can cause issues with the integrations, necessitate updates on the other integrated systems, or at worst, lead to system downtime or failure.

The risk of not holistically planning for updates or other system changes can mean lost recordings, which can lead to noncompliance, fines, and loss of business. It is crucial to take steps to mitigate this risk by ensuring updates are planned, and that all integrated systems are prepared and protected.

You can read more about our Software Compatibility Assessment for more information on how to comprehensively plan.