Have you analyzed your Call Recording solution holistically and considered how best to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership over the lifetime of your investment? Oftentimes organizations find that their Total Cost of Ownership is unnecessarily high due to three factors: initial installation costs, overpriced legacy support contracts, and continued upkeep of unnecessary components.

Many newer solutions have improved capabilities that decrease the Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Highly scalable
  • Software based, instead of hardware based
  • No need to make further equipment investments
  • Multi-site recording capabilities
  • Cloud-based recording and storage options

Another consideration is the internal cost you are devoting to your recording solution. Many organizations expend a large amount of time and in-house resources on the administration and maintenance of equipment. There are many ways to decrease these costs over time, including technological upgrades or outsourcing of tasks through a flexible enhanced service offering, including Wilmac's Staff Augmentation and Network Operations Center (NOC). Taking these steps can lead to a decreased Total Cost of Ownership, while allowing you the ability to spend more time on your customers, instead of internal IT upkeep.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you decrease the Total Cost of Ownership for your Call Recording solution. Our consultative approach ensures that each customer's solution is tailored to meet their specific needs. Also, our Managed Services offerings can be less costly than many legacy service contracts offered by other vendors, while still allowing our customers to trust that their solutions are expertly supported and properly maintained.