Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Plans are vitally important in the event of a disaster or disruptive event. The processes, policies, and procedures that address the recovery or continuation of your Call Recording technology and data are key to resuming normal business functions. Developing a sustainable and cost-effective plan to ensure that critical functions are always available will help your organization avoid catastrophic losses or increased risk exposure in the event of a disaster.

With intense regulatory requirements and organizational dependency on Call Recording, technology with limited or no DR functionality is unacceptable. The continued availability of mission-critical systems and user applications is more important to your organization’s operational success than ever before. Additionally, the amount of data collected is constantly growing and the need to store, manage, and retrieve it promptly, all while controlling associated costs, is increasingly important.

Interruptions in operations also result in decreased productivity, lost revenue, declined financial performance, and an increase in miscellaneous expenses (temporary employees, overtime costs, expedited technology upgrade, and replacement projects).

Thorough planning and preparation can ensure that your Voice Recording systems and associated data are protected. There are 3 components to taking proactive, precautionary measures to ensure Business Continuity:

  • Resiliency – Voice Recording solutions can be engineered with resilient features that render them unaffected by most interruptions
  • Recovery – Plans must exist to recover data and restore system functionality, these include archiving data and backup methodologies
  • Contingency – If resilience and recovery arrangements prove inadequate or impractical, contingency plans serve as the ultimate back up plan. A common example, secondary sites, deploy a standby system in a secondary location in case the primary data center fails

At Wilmac, we know that Business Continuity and disaster recovery planning can be taxing. Making a sound initial investment with the resiliency features you need, and/or determining what precautionary recovery steps need to be taken in light of a disaster, is a large responsibility. It's our goal to help with the entire process in any capacity you need. Whether you're looking to purchase a new system, assess the preparation status of your existing solution, or work with our consultants on proactive contingency plans, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available to assist you.