Consulting Services

Wilmac's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide an objective, consultative, vendor-agnostic Business Assessment analysis to ensure an accurate discovery-and-solution design process. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of solutions. We're not limited to any one product line, so we can find the best fit for your needs. We offer this due-diligence service to you at no cost, allowing you to be confident in the validity of your research as you choose your ideal vendor/supplier.

Professional Development: Training at Wilmac isn't confined to the technical realm only. We invest in personal and professional empowerment training for all of our employees. This is the training that allows our people to grow and become the best they can possibly be, and in turn, it's what makes them want to go the extra mile to help you. We see the value of this professional development every day, and want to extend this service to our customers.