Understanding Speech Analytics

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About this Webinar:

Speech analytics is one of the leading technologies being implemented in contact centers today. While there are many compelling reasons to invest, speech analytics can be a complicated and confusing product to navigate. Our webinar, ‘Understanding Speech Analytics’, aims to clarify key aspects to this growing technology.

With a litany of solutions and options available, it’s possible to deploy a speech analytics system that improves your quality monitoring program and yields a positive return on your investment. However, we’ve learned that it’s more common for organizations to focus on the bells and whistles manufacturers promote – which are often neglected by end users and/or a poor fit for their unique environment.

There are three main factors that contribute to a successful deployment: well identified business objectives, a strong understanding of the technology and how it works, and the subsequent utilization of proven best practices. Watch our webinar today to learn more about the technology of speech analytics, and how to productively implement a solution in your contact center.

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