Revolutionizing Workforce Optimization

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About this Webinar:

In a fully optimized Contact Center, it’s possible to decrease operational costs and improve productivity and effectiveness, all while increasing customer satisfaction. Yet very few Contact Centers are optimized, and don’t know how to transform their Workforce Optimization efforts to become so.

Our webinar, ‘Revolutionizing Workforce Optimization’, addresses how to transform your contact center to a fully optimized state, which revolves around your People, Processes, and Technology. Between 70% and 80% of a Contact Centers monthly expenditures relate directly to agents and human assets – so optimization equates to exponential savings.

We’ll discuss our Transformation Model that provides a framework to identify where you are today, discuss the five key components critical to optimization, and demonstrate the Knoahsoft Harmony solution – a robust Workforce Optimization system that provides organizations with the tools to achieve real results.

When call recording solutions, quality monitoring software, and workforce management applications are designed, implemented, and supported properly, contact center operations are able to fully realize the efficiencies and value of an optimized workforce. In an integrated environment, the various modules are able to share data seamlessly and transparently – enabling you to operate more efficiently, more accurately measure your KPI’s, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

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