Real-Time Solutions for Contact Centers

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About this Webinar:

Creating the perfect customer experience is the goal for most organizations. Yet actually achieving this is a real challenge, and this has much to do with the current agent experience.

Today’s Contact Center and Back Office agents are tasked with managing many complex processes and applications simultaneously. Real-Time Solutions have been designed to help agents focus on the right thing, at the right time. As agents interact with customers, Real-Time Solutions are able to:

  • Monitor activity, gain visibility, and drive actionable insights
  • Consolidate data from multiple applications
  • Analyze and provide step by step guidance and coaching
  • Automate and enforce desktop processes and data entry
  • Automate simple, but time consuming tasks, freeing up the agent and reducing errors

In our webinar on Real-Time Solutions in the Contact Center, we discuss today’s typical contact center experience, and taking a deep dive into the Real-Time Solutions that address many common issues:

  • Real-Time Authentication: Automation of caller authentication and verification using voice biometrics
  • Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM): Advanced agent desktop analytics
  • Real-Time Process Optimization (RTPO): “Agent assist” solution that automates tasks and guides agents in real-time
  • Robotic Automation: End to end process automation, providing ‘headless automation’ that can eliminate the need for human involvement in many routine activities

In this webinar, we take a look at real life case studies and examples, and go through a couple demonstrations to show the solutions in action.

By reducing agent desktop complexity and clutter, they can focus on the customer - calls are handled faster, less mistakes are made, agents are fully focused on the customer complex processes.

The ROI is clear. Real-Time Solutions provide real value for your Contact Center, agents, and customers.

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