Call Recording with Quality Monitoring in the Cloud

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About this Webinar:

Strong contact center quality programs have never been more important. Poor customer service has resulted in $84 billion lost annually and a staggering 71% of consumers switching to competitors. To avoid these tremendous losses, it’s essential to properly manage, coach, and train your contact center agents – and the best way to do so is with a robust quality management program.

Quality Management solutions enable contact centers to improve quality and agent satisfaction through efficiently scheduling staff, identifying knowledge gaps, assigning targeted coaching, and improving agent productivity.

With high agent turn over, and 75% of contact center budget invested in staff, finding the resources to develop this program is a common challenge. Luckily, with cloud-based solutions, a cost effective way to achieve your quality initiatives exists.

KnoahSoft Harmony’s cloud-based application is an affordable way to combat the problem of agent dissatisfaction and poor quality service. This solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of robust quality and performance management capabilities without the costs and complexity associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware.

  • No hardware or software purchased
  • Rent monthly and enjoy the benefits of very robust applications: Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Performance Management
  • Go live rapidly
  • Off Site Storage
  • Get an ROI quickly
  • Monthly subscription includes: Software, Hardware and Support

Join us to learn more about how cloud call recording and quality management can help you drive significant quality improvements in your Contact Center, leading to an overall positive impact to your bottom line. We will also demonstrate Harmony’s powerful quality management, speech analytics, and performance management capabilities.

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