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NICE Uptivity: Improving CX with Meaningful Insights

From homegrown systems to huge CRMs and every Excel spreadsheet in between, your contact center has no shortage of performance data. Align your organization around a single source of truth and a consistent understanding of performance indicators and goals where total performance transparency helps every employee focus on the actions and behaviors that translate directly to better customer experiences.

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Real-Time Solutions for Contact Centers

Creating the perfect customer experience is the goal for most organizations. Yet actually achieving this is a real challenge, and this has much to do with the current agent experience.

Today’s Contact Center and Back Office agents are tasked with managing many complex processes and applications simultaneously. Real-Time Solutions have been designed to help agents focus on the right thing, at the right time. By reducing agent desktop complexity and clutter, they can focus on the customer - calls are handled faster, less mistakes are made, agents are fully focused on the customer complex processes.

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 Value Added Services for Recording Solutions

Compliance Recording can be a challenge for financial organizations of all sizes. Solutions have simultaneously become more crucial for compliance and more complex in terms of design and upkeep.

Watch our webinar on Value Added Services for Compliance Recording to learn more about our customizable solutions to many common problems:

  • System Design & Configuration Consulting
  • How to Manage Legacy Systems & Data
  • Enhanced Managed Services – Remote Monitoring, Retention Programs for Retired Assets, and more.

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PCI: Ensuring Your Call Recording Systems Are Compliant

The PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) version 3.0 has been in practice for a couple years now, yet approximately 41% of Contact Centers are currently non-compliant. Is your organization compliant with these new regulations?

The risks and challenges relative to call recording and PCI compliance are unique and can be confusing – our webinar will clarify the requirements and regulations, address the specific impact it has on your call recording, and discuss solutions to ensure your organization is compliant. As Contact Center Subject Matter Experts, we know the requirements around processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information, and how to ensure your call and screen recording systems are compliant.

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Call Recording with Quality Monitoring in the Cloud

Strong contact center quality programs have never been more important. Poor customer service has resulted in $84 billion lost annually and a staggering 71% of consumers switching to competitors. To avoid these tremendous losses, it’s essential to properly manage, coach, and train your contact center agents – and the best way to do so is with a robust quality management program.

Quality Management solutions enable contact centers to improve quality and agent satisfaction through efficiently scheduling staff, identifying knowledge gaps, assigning targeted coaching, and improving agent productivity.

With high agent turn over, and 75% of contact center budget invested in staff, finding the resources to develop this program is a common challenge. Luckily, with cloud-based solutions, a cost effective way to achieve your quality initiatives exists.

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Managed Services for Call Recording

Without proper proactive management, customer service and support, call recording users risk losing recordings making them subject to litigation, fines, and complaints that result in tangible loss.

Recent studies have found that fines and litigation costs currently exceed $1 billion annually, and further compliance and new regulations are expected to double over the next 3 years.

Building on our strong foundation of exceptional professional services, we’ve developed Enhanced Services to comprehensively address all potential support needs of call recording users. These customized add-on services protect customers from potential fines and litigation: Remote Monitoring via our Network Operations Center, Managed Administrative Support Services, Custom System Routines, Intelligent Automated Routines, Operational Assessments, and Functional Integrity Checks.

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Revolutionizing Workforce Optimization

Our webinar discusses our Transformation Model that provides a framework to identify where you are today, discuss the five key components critical to optimization, and demonstrate the Knoahsoft Harmony solution – a robust Workforce Optimization system that provides organizations with the tools to achieve real results.

When call recording solutions, quality monitoring software, and workforce management applications are designed, implemented, and supported properly, contact center operations are able to fully realize the efficiencies and value of an optimized workforce.

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Workforce Management

Workforce Management solutions help companies most efficiently manage their contact center with robust features including forecasting, scheduling, request handling, communication, reporting, and performance management.

Workforce Management makes achieving a balance between Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction a reality. Between 70% and 80% of a Contact Centers monthly expenditures is agent/human asset related – so a small increase in forecast accuracy equates to exponential savings. In fact, ROI for WFM is realized between 90 days and 9 months in a typical environment.

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Understanding Speech Analytics for a Successful Implementation

Speech analytics is one of the leading technologies being implemented in contact centers today. While there are many compelling reasons to invest, speech analytics can be a complicated and confusing product to navigate. Our webinar, ‘Understanding Speech Analytics’, aims to clarify key aspects to this growing technology.

With a litany of solutions and options available, it’s possible to deploy a speech analytics system that improves your quality monitoring program and yields a positive return on your investment. However, we’ve learned that it’s more common for organizations to focus on the bells and whistles manufacturers promote – which are often neglected by end users and/or a poor fit for their unique environment.

There are three main factors that contribute to a successful deployment: well identified business objectives, a strong understanding of the technology and how it works, and the subsequent utilization of proven best practices.

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Coach the Coach

Our Coach the Coach webinar discusses the tremendously positive impact a robust coaching curriculum, that drives agent behavior through actions, can have on your environment. With our specialized knowledge, we recommend strategies that allow organizations to achieve improvements in many of their key objectives. In a time when we are all being asked to do more with less, implementing a proven and successful 'Coach the Coach' curriculum is a guaranteed way to improve your operational efficiency.

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