Right Products, Right Features for Financial Recording

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About this Webinar:

Recording systems in Financial Service Environments are built for compliance and verification. When designed, implemented, and supported properly, these systems offer 100% recording through a simple, but powerful, platform.

Unfortunately, many companies struggle with their call recording system for a variety of reasons:

  • They were sold the wrong system for their environment – solutions for customer service centers have more bells and whistles than financial organizations need. Their emphasis isn’t on recording all calls, but rather analytics and quality.
  • Strict IT security polices impact functionality - call recording systems are integrated into voice and data networks, and as a result can be hindered by the IT security measures that help protect data.
  • System failures - the system wasn’t designed to account for common issues, like human error and technical compatibility conflicts, or for their high-availability needs.

In our webinar, “Right Products, Right Features”, we take an in depth look at how to address the issues Financial Service environments face.

  • Key system features – a look at the features that are important for Financial Service environments, from audit trails to turret recording.
  • Balancing security requirements with system reliability – navigating security challenges while ensuring call recording reliability
  • Designing a High-Availability Solution: maximizing your system uptime with resiliency, redundancy, and recoverability

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