Streamline Video Content with NICE Inform Organizer

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About this Webinar:

For today’s Public Safety organizations, incident-related data comes in various formats and from multiple sources – police body cameras, dash cameras, surveillance cameras, cell phone video footage, and more. Being able to synchronize all recorded video and audio in an organized and clear way is crucial to gathering key insights and streamlining investigations.

NICE’s Inform Organizer allows organizations to create a chronological and comprehensive view of an incident by synchronizing related multimedia data, including video, voice recordings, and text-to-9-1-1 to provide a complete, 360 degree view of an incident. Data from multiple sources can be combined with standard telephone and radio recordings to create a full view of an incident. Related files, such as documents and photos, can be stored and shared alongside the voice and video timeline. The synchronized view and related files are then easily accessed and securely shared via single user interface.

We will demonstrate the NICE Inform platform for public safety with a focus the Inform Organizer module. Inform’s unique application is well suited for a variety of organizations, including PSAPs, Police, Fire, EMS, Campus Security, Corporate Security, and more.

Watch now to learn more about how NICE Inform can enable your organization to import and coordinate all incident-related content, including video, to understand an incident exactly as it happened.

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