NICE Evaluator for Public Safety

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About this Webinar:

In a public safety environment, it is crucial that dispatcher performance and agency processes be reviewed and evaluated for continuous improvement. NICE Evaluator is a valuable and flexible application that provides actionable insight.

Evaluator allows users to monitor and review individual or shift performance as well as an entire incident, involving multiple dispatchers and officers, to identify knowledge gaps and ensure adherence to protocol.

In order to get a complete view of an incident and assess it accurately, all inputs must be taken into consideration. Evaluator allows users to evaluate not only calls but multimedia as well - including video, text to 9-1-1, screen recording, and more. It is beneficial across all levels of an organization – allowing supervisors to provide targeted training, dispatchers to improve their skills and identify areas for improvement, and delivering directors actionable insights to drive process improvements.

We will be demonstrating the flexibility and convenience of the Evaluator application. Join us to see how Evaluator can help drive improvement at every level of your organization.

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