Incident Information Management for Public Safety

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About this Webinar:

Managing Incident Information can be a challenge, even in small organizations. As technology advances and the public continues to embrace the latest trends, the amount of digital evidence will continue to increase.

Our webinar on Incident Information Management for Public Safety & Security environments discusses what Incident Information is, how to bring it together, keeping it secure, extending both the context and security to partners, and lastly, how Incident Information can be effectively and efficiently managed and shared.

This digital evidence can come from multiple sources and in a variety of formats - police body cameras, dash cameras, surveillance cameras, cell phone video footage, and more.  Being able to manage all these different types of electronic evidence is an essential responsibility for Public Safety & Security organizations.

Security concerns will always be present, and embracing solutions that can both provide you with secure storage and sharing, as well as maintain some of the context of what happened, will enhance your organization.  

Watch to learn more about Incident information management and some of the outstanding investigative tools available that can be leveraged to share incident information with public safety partners in a secure fashion.

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