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NICE and Airbus VESTA 9-1-1 Recording Integration

February 23, 2017

As PSAPs face rapidly changing technologies and increased citizen expectations, adopting text-to-9-1-1 and other future-ready NG9-1-1 communications is essential - and strong integrations between your Public Safety technologies are key.

NICE and Airbus have teamed up to equip PSAPs with integrated, end-to-end solutions for managing text-to-911 and future NG9-1-1 multimedia communications.

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Text to 9-1-1

February 25, 2016

For Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), recording everything that goes on is critical. As texts to 9-1-1 become more prevalent, the recording and archiving of these text messages is becoming just as important as recording a traditional 9-1-1 call.

While Text to 9-1-1 is all the buzz lately, only 8% of PSAPs are actually accepting messages. Everyone recognizes the growing need to accept texts to 9-1-1, so why aren’t more PSAPs accepting text messages, and what’s the best approach to start?

Watch our webinar on Text to 9-1-1 to learn more about how Text to 9-1-1 fits in the overall Next Gen 9-1-1 framework, deploying Text to 9-1-1, and available solutions and integrations.

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Value Added Services for Recording Solutions

January 28, 2016

Compliance Recording can be a challenge for financial organizations of all sizes. Solutions have simultaneously become more crucial for compliance and more complex in terms of design and upkeep.

Watch our webinar on Value Added Services for Compliance Recording to learn more about our customizable solutions to many common problems:

  • System Design & Configuration Consulting
  • How to Manage Legacy Systems & Data
  • Enhanced Managed Services – Remote Monitoring, Retention Programs for Retired Assets, and more.

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Incident Information Management for Public Safety

October 29, 2015

Managing Incident Information can be a challenge, even in small organizations. As technology advances and the public continues to embrace the latest trends, the amount of digital evidence will continue to increase.

Our webinar on Incident Information Management for Public Safety & Security environments discusses what Incident Information is, how to bring it together, keeping it secure, extending both the context and security to partners, and lastly, how Incident Information can be effectively and efficiently managed and shared.

Watch now to learn more about Incident information management and some of the outstanding investigative tools available that can be leveraged to share incident information with public safety partners in a secure fashion.

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Managed Services for Call Recording

June 25, 2015

Without proper proactive management, customer service and support, call recording users risk losing recordings making them subject to litigation, fines, and complaints that result in tangible loss.

Recent studies have found that fines and litigation costs currently exceed $1 billion annually, and further compliance and new regulations are expected to double over the next 3 years.

Building on our strong foundation of exceptional professional services, we’ve developed Enhanced Services to comprehensively address all potential support needs of call recording users. These customized add-on services protect customers from potential fines and litigation: Remote Monitoring via our Network Operations Center, Managed Administrative Support Services, Custom System Routines, Intelligent Automated Routines, Operational Assessments, and Functional Integrity Checks.

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NICE Evaluator for Public Safety

May 28, 2015

In a public safety environment, it is crucial that dispatcher performance and agency processes be reviewed and evaluated for continuous improvement. NICE Evaluator is a valuable and flexible application that provides actionable insight.

Evaluator allows users to monitor and review individual or shift performance as well as an entire incident, involving multiple dispatchers and officers, to identify knowledge gaps and ensure adherence to protocol.

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Streamline Video Content with NICE Inform Organizer

February 26, 2015

For today’s Public Safety organizations, incident-related data comes in various formats and from multiple sources – police body cameras, dash cameras, surveillance cameras, cell phone video footage, and more. Being able to synchronize all recorded video and audio in an organized and clear way is crucial to gathering key insights and streamlining investigations.

NICE’s Inform Organizer allows organizations to create a chronological and comprehensive view of an incident by synchronizing all related multimedia data, including video, voice recordings, and text-to-9-1-1, to provide a complete, 360 degree view of an incident in a secure format. Related files, such as documents and photos, can be stored and shared alongside the voice and video timeline.

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