Compliance Recording

The way in which traders, investors, and bankers communicate has changed. As recently as 10 years ago, trading turrets (also known as dealerboards) and landline desk phones were the primary means for communicating between parties in different locations. Recording these fixed-lines channels has been a significant part of the Compliance Recording industry for decades.

These days, thanks to the rise of new technologies (including mobile devices, Skype for Business, and video conferencing), trade-related interactions occur across a wide range of digital and voice channels. Multichannel communication channel capture is a now essential for ensuring compliance.

Compliance necessitates that the following communication channels are recorded and archived:

  • Phones on the trading floor and in the back office
  • Trading turrets/dealerboards
  • Cell phones and other mobile devices
  • Skype for Business chat, IM, video, and VoIP calls
  • Email interactions
  • Video communications, including video conference calls

Multichannel communication capture allows for all communication channels to be recorded, archived, and accessed in one unified platform.

Whether your organization needs to record a few phone lines or multiple interaction channels in a complex Unified Communications environment, Wilmac has a solution that is perfect for your unique situation, industry, and environment.

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