NICE Inform is an industry-leading public safety platform that allows for the end user to understand what happened during an incident, how it happened, and what is performing or not performing in their organization. It involves recording, evidence management, reporting, quality assurance, incident reconstruction, and more through its available toolkit. 

After over 30 years of selling and supporting NICE Inform for public safety professionals, we believe there are three key tools that deserve highlighting and are sure to improve the performance of your PSAP. We’ll review these tools a little differently by highlighting several of their features and how those features can directly impact and benefit your PSAP’s performance.  

Tool #1: Evaluator 

NICE Inform’s Evaluator tool creates an effective Quality Assurance program for your organization that helps identify knowledge gaps and compliance weaknesses to be proactively addressed through coaching and training. 

  • Automated, rule-based call selection 
  • Customizable forms, including APCO NENA ANSI-approved boilerplates  
  • Tailored evaluation questions to different job responsibilities, seniority, types of incidents, etc. 
  • Single call or entire incident evaluation 
  • Reconstruction with multiple channels, including call, video, radio, text, etc. 
  • Cut evaluation time in half, while increasing objectivity and consistency 
  • Improves your QA program, which in turn produces better training and coaching opportunities  
  • Better training leads to more efficient and knowledgeable employees, which contributes to improved employee retention and less turnover 
  • Seamless integration with NICE Inform application suite, so no need to learn a new interface 
  • Identify best practices and areas of improvement with insight into the incident handling process, teamwork, and individual contributions 
  • Improve performance issues, knowledge gaps, and compliance violations 
  • Better understand complex incidents with a holistic view 
  • More effective QA/QI program designed to proactively identify what’s working and what’s not  

Tool #2: Organizer 

NICE Inform’s Organizer tool simplifies incident reconstruction with secure sharing of multimedia content for investigations while protecting the chain of custody. 

  • Keep all records in one place, no matter what channel they come from (calls, text, screen files, GIS, notes, documents, videos, etc.) 
  • Create incident folders based on your organization’s most important reference information (like CAD, case number, etc.)  
  • Integrates with your CAD data  
  • Customize database fields for more precise organization 
  • Visualize all records, regardless of source or media, into one synchronized timeline 
  • Export encrypted, password-protected incident folders, but still have the option to burn onto CDs or DVDs 
  • Collaborate with other agencies by importing their incident information securely into your folders 
  • Faster and easier access into all your incident information and records 
  • Enhanced data organization with the fields that matter most to you 
  • Increase incident understanding and see the full picture with all records in one timeline 
  • Full control over and more efficient distribution of incident folders 
  • Faster and more accurate analysis of cross-jurisdictional incidents 
  • Annotate and organize information in incident folders without impacting the integrity of the original recordings 
  • More precise, efficient, and secure incident reconstruction to minimize time spent with manual reconstruction 

Tool #3: Reporter 

NICE Inform’s Reporter tool combines data from CAD, telephony, radio, and the Evaluator tool to provide near real-time snapshots of performance across multiple dimensions to provide actionable insights. 

  • Consolidates recordings and data from multiple channels, including CAD, telephony, radio, text messages, etc. 
  • Access performance views of metrics like call volume 
  • Identify and listen to recordings associated with the metrics 
  • Drill down what is causing gaps in performance 
  • Get a holistic view of your organization’s performance 
  • Automatically gain actionable insights out of the data instead of manually assembling reports 
  • Be able to take a step back from the day-to-day events and identify ways you can improve your organization’s operations to better serve the public 

Wilmac’s public safety team discusses NICE Inform and providing best practices on using the solution and its tools in NICE Inform Best Practices: Live Q&A with Wilmac. To view the on-demand webinar, watch it here.