Teleware is an integrated communications provider with over 25 years’ experience in driving creative and innovative solutions for businesses across the world.  Committed to thinking beyond the conventions of traditional business communications, Teleware was an early pioneer in cloud based communications and global solutions. Their innovative attitude and commitment to serving customer needs has allowed them to provide truly differentiated, value-add solutions to the market.


With Wilmac and Teleware, customers can do more with their communications. Today’s organizations have more communication touch points than ever before, and more requirements and rules surrounding them.


Additionally, many of these communication channels are assets partially or fully owned by employees – cell phones, tablets, etc. This presents a new challenge, especially to those with compliance requirements.  Wilmac and Teleware’s partnership is aimed at addressing this growing concern: how do we remain complaint with BYO-devices? We are committed to helping our customers remain compliant while efficiently managing their operations, and our partnership with Teleware allows us to best meet those needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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