For over 30 years Speakerbus has delivered world-class, innovative, mission critical voice solutions to global Fortune 1000 corporations within the financial services and command sectors. Speakerbus provides resilient, high-availability trading and command solutions, with simplified management and enhanced control from one central location. Their mission is to be the world’s preferred supplier of hardware and cloud-based critical voice collaboration solutions, incorporating innovative, advanced intercom, hoot, command consoles, gateways, and services, while being acknowledged by their clients, employees, partners, suppliers, and shareholders as a high-value, high-integrity company.


Our partnership with Speakerbus provides customers with high-quality, scalable voice collaboration solutions for Financial Services and Command and Control centers.


In such highly regulated environments, these solutions necessitate a seamless pairing with a recording solution. In this scenario, Wilmac provides the Call Recording expertise and experience to ensure that the integration is unified and complete.


Wilmac's partnership with Speakerbus ensures that you will receive the best turret or speaker system for your organization, regardless of size, while still ensuring that your compliance-driven recording needs are fulfilled to the letter of the law and internal regulation.


For more information, visit www.speakerbus.com.