Red Box Voice Data Controller

The Voice Data Controller from Red Box provides organizations with a seamless way to consolidate customer voice data within Salesforce to provide a single view of customer interactions and unlock the value of enterprise-wide captured voice communications. This application fuels the best agent and customer experience by enabling secure and accurate mapping of conversations to contacts, accounts, and leads within Salesforce.


  • Comprehensive Capture - Voice conversations can be captured, transcribed, and imported to Salesforce from multiple systems to support automatic assignment to a Salesforce lead, account or contact record. 
  • Transcription - With fast and accurate text representation of audio conversations seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, businesses are provided with a unique data set that can deliver increased insight.
  • Replay & Listen to Calls - Users can replay audio at the click of a button directly from the Salesforce application, in line with an organizations’ replay authorization policies.
  • Search and Analyze - The Voice Data Controller enables enhanced search capabilities of transcribed calls across all transcriptions in Salesforce, or drilled down at a company or contact level, by key words or within particular date ranges.
  • Governance & Compliance – leverage the robust search and replay functionality to quickly review, analyze, and report for compliance purposes.
  • Sales Performance – monitor and analyze performance to better forecast and mentor your teams.
  • Sales & Customer Service – using transcribed data to analyze trends from customer interactions, organizations can improve customer service, gain better insight, easily review interactions with appropriate context, and improve efficiency.
  • One View  - Minimize the number of open applications and system views by consolidating call data and records in Salesforce into one seamless view.