Nxtera Automation

The Nxtera Automation Suite is an Automated Testing and Monitoring solution that supports compliance by confirming all aspects of the communication infrastructure are ready for service at the start of each day.


The capabilities within Nxtera Automation Suite allow for true end-to-end automated testing. It also ensures that you are aware:

  • If calls are lost
  • When calls are not recorded according to policy
  • Calls are of poor audio quality


The Nxtera Automation Suite provides:

  • A full audit trail, supporting evidence, and reporting of all solutions
  • Secure audio data extraction
  • A software-based solution delivered over virtualized servers
  • Increased oversight of Voice Recording
  • Efficient identification and correction of issues before they become burdensome to the business
  • Standardized testing capacity and frequency
  • Increased transparency and confidence


Nxtera empirically tests service end-to-end, like an engineer would, regardless of what path the services take or the health reported by different platforms. It is vendor-independent and operates seamlessly with communications technologies including:

  • Various PBXs phones
  • Trading turrets/dealerboards
  • Collaboration and audio/visual tools such as Skype for Business
  • Voice Recording technologies


Nxtera has 4 standard product offerings:

  • Proof: Automated start-of-day testing ensures end-to-end system readiness and ongoing recording confirmed in real time with immediate alerting of failures
  • Parity: All calls are compared to recording policies in real time with anomalies reported
  • Reflect: Near real-time or batch audio is quality tested for analytic assessment
  • Retrieve: Extraction of call records and related data is automated to a secure, digitally signed, auditable open standards database


The Nxtera product suite delivers end-to-end automation, visibility, control, and evidence through a scalable, resilient architecture.