Nxtera is a software development company that provides automated solutions that confirm voice interactions are being recorded to satisfy government mandates, as well as industry-specific audit requirements. Through their Automation Suite, Nxtera delivers fully automated compliance assurance, testing, monitoring and operational intelligence to meet a wide variety of recording needs, including voice, video, web, and data. 


A single fine due to lack of functioning Communication Recording on a trader voice system can have a significant negative impact on a financial institution. Proactive testing, in the form of an Automated Testing and Monitoring solution, can mean the difference between remaining compliant, and facing substantial legislative and financial penalty.


A partnership between Nxtera and Wilmac gives our customers access to an Automated Testing and Monitoring solution for voice, video, web, and data (provided by Nxtera), paired with our flexible consultative ability to ensure proper systems integration. With the Nxtera Automation Suite, you can confirm all aspects of your communication infrastructure are ready for service at the start of each day.


Together with Wilmac, your new Nxtera system integrates seamlessly to the technology and systems you already possess for maximum compliance adherence. Wilmac ensures that the installation, integration, and implementation runs smoothly, guaranteeing you your maximum ROI.