NICE Trader Replay Authorization

NICE Trader Replay Authorization (NTRA) provides a secure and flexible replay-approval process via an intuitive web-based portal. From this portal, requests for playback can be started, tracked, and approved. NTRA ensures that the right recording is delivered to the right person with the appropriate clearance in a timely manner.


NICE Trader Replay Authorization can help with:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dispute management
  • Call playback authorization requests
  • Compliance investigation
  • Single-time and repeat search requests


NTRA is designed to convert the entire process – from requesting a call for playback, up to the approval process – into an easy workflow. It replaces the standard Search & Replay feature of NICE Trading Recording (NTR). NTRA offers one intuitive user interface that allows a trader to:

  • Search for calls (with preview)
  • Create a request for replay


Then, the administrator(s) can:

  • Track pending replay requests
  • Approve/deny requests with one click


All actions, from traders and administrators, are logged in an audit trail to help ensure compliance requirements are met. NICE Trader Replay Authorization (NTRA): Efficient and compliant replay-approval process for trade recordings.