NICE Holistic Surveillance

NICE Holistic Surveillance combines two solutions – NICE Communication Surveillance and NICE Trade Surveillance – to create a unified approach that provides the fastest, most precise identification and mitigation of compliance risk.


The NICE Holistic Surveillance solution provides a flexible framework for risk management that captures, aggregates, cleanses, structures, standardizes, enriches, and manages data from multiple, disparate data sources. Benefits of Holistic Surveillance include:

  • Holistic data collection and analysis
  • Analytics capabilities to uncover insights and understanding
  • Data is not siloed
  • Data is comprehensive, inclusive, with no missing pieces
  • Greater understanding of the connection between trades, events, and communications
  • Identification and reduction of business risk


Learn what you don’t know; knowing where the blanks are is the first step to filling them in.


NICE Trade Surveillance solutions – a component of Holistic Surveillance –  allow firms to efficiently manage and monitor trading activities for:

  • Market manipulation
  • Market abuse
  • Fraud
  • Business conduct standards violations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Behavioral patterning


NICE Trade Surveillance solutions allow firms to meet global regulatory requirements by providing comprehensive risk controls to detect anomalous and non-compliant activities, while providing comprehensive compliance coverage across asset classes, markets, and global regulations. NICE Trade Surveillance allows your financial service organization to:

  • Adhere to global regulatory requirements
  • Gain cross-asset, cross-market coverage
  • Effectively and proactively meet global regulatory requirements
  • Focus analysts and supervisors on the highest risk activities
  • View intuitive alerts and interactive graphical displays
  • Reduce time spent accessing multiple systems
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining redundant data warehouses


Manage and monitor trade activities for manipulation, fraud, and behavioral patterning.


NICE Communication Surveillance – one component of Holistic Surveillance – allows you to take complete control over your trading-floor communications and proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud. Because technology has moved beyond the traditional phone call, financial service organizations must now monitor:

  • Mobile phone calls
  • Fixed-line voice calls
  • SMS/text messages
  • Chats
  • Emails
  • Instant messaging
  • Social media


With NICE Communication Surveillance, your organization can supervise all communications and reconstruct and investigate all trade communications regardless of channel. NICE Communication Surveillance can:

  • Index and analyze all communication types in one system
  • Proactively observe all communications
  • Automatically raise alerts on noncompliant activities
  • Empower compliance officers
  • Monitor and review channels based on communication models
  • Find and map the entire communication thread across all channels
  • Reconcile data to support in-house reporting
  • Take complete control over trading-floor communications and ensure that all communications are monitored and analyzed.