NICE Audio Examiner

NICE Audio Examiner is a unique and fully compliant solution that converts audio cassette tapes to digital formats for online storage and retrieval. With Audio Examiner, Voice Recordings from tapes are converted into the same format as current digital recordings. The result is a faster retrieval process for historical calls, satisfying the demands of any compliance investigations. 


Audio Examiner:

  • Forensically examines each tape for the number of "audio segments"
  • Writes these segments to long-term storage
  • Provides evidence of the success or failure to extract each segment of data


As part of the tape migration service, Audio Examiner imports the information extracted from the tape to the new recorder database. Benefits of Audio Examiner include:

  • Ability to extract 100% of tape data
  • Auditable and evidential process
  • Traceability of data before and after extraction
  • Manufacturer certified
  • All calls are online and instantly accessible
  • Improved retention management
  • Fast search and download capabilities


The 'Investigate' module can be added to provide intelligent-search functionality. Investigate can review large amounts of data quickly, and offers a single interface for examining voice calls, emails, SMS, chats, and social media feeds.


NICE Audio Examiner is the only solution that offers everything customers need to manage converted tape and database data on a long-term ongoing basis.