Market Communications

Market Communications is an information technology solution provider committed to providing innovative maintenance service alternatives for Legacy, End of Sale/End of Service (EOS), and End of Life (EOL) voice trading systems. Headquartered in New York City, with a Chicago office and field support throughout North America, Market Communications has provided complete, turnkey solutions for over 15 years. They continually strive to provide responsive and cost-effective technical support resources, maintenance, innovation, and service excellence for those in the Financial Compliance industry.


Numerous factors can keep a customer from being ready, able, or willing to replace their recording or turret system, even if the manufacturer has announced that the system is now End of Life, End of Service, or End of Sale. In many instances, despite the manufacturer's EOL declaration, the system is still operating efficiently. It is also common that the cost of purchasing a new solution is prohibitive at that particular moment in time.


Wilmac's partnership with Market Communication can help those who cannot or choose not to upgrade or replace their EOL system on the manufacturer's schedule. Between Wilmac and Market Communication, the highest quality extended support for both legacy recording and turret systems is available. Your organization can make decisions and move forward on your own timeline, instead of the manufacturer's.


The value of this alliance is significant: customers are not forced into an upgrade they are not ready to accept or do not want. Additionally, they can continue to deal directly with their existing representative at Wilmac instead of having to reach out to an unfamiliar third-party company. Lastly, they can rest assured that their Call Recording and/or turret system is maintained properly until they are ready to make a transition. Between Wilmac and Market Communications, EOL voice capture solutions still have access to the highest quality extended support, regardless of system age or condition.


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