MainTrax is a global leading provider of speech analytics and professional services, specializing in analyzing not only what is said, but how it’s said. Their innovative technology improves agent effectiveness, minimizes compliance risk, increases sales, identifies and lowers complaint trends, reduces customer churn, and decreases operational costs. Their knowledge of the speech analytics industry best practices is unrivaled, as is their ability to apply them to specific business needs.


Since 2007, MainTrax has helped contact centers, marketing and sales departments, data sciences, and others optimize their existing speech analytics software. Learn more


Speech analytic solutions allow contact centers of all sizes to reap the benefits of their communications. However, many organizations face challenges in accessing their own data. With Wilmac, contact centers can unlock these key interactions and integrate with Maintrax’s world-class speech technology. The collaborative offering from Wilmac and Maintrax enables call center customers to achieve their operational goals. Our advanced voice data expertise and speech analytics solutions solve all agent performance, customer satisfaction, and contact center challenges.


Extract key business intelligence from your conversations – contact us to learn how.