Comit FS is an integrated communications solutions provider for Financial Markets, combining all aspects of services, products, support, and global reach into a fully comprehensive bundle. Their solutions equip customers with the best multi-channel solution mix across voice, IM and video: increasing the value of integration and collaboration. Comit FS enables customers to maximize the value of cumbersome legacy infrastructure, increase collaboration across existing multi-vendor solutions, and transition towards the integrated communication technology of the future.


The unique communication needs of the financial industry are met through the partnership of Wilmac and Comit FS. Together, we leverage an unmatched level of expertise across all vendor platforms to ensure the delivery of seamless, collaborative and scalable communication technology, from tightly integrated single-source infrastructures to complex mixed architectures.


With our deep understanding of the Financial Markets industry and the trade workflow, we can design, develop, and deploy turnkey communication solutions that are prepared to handle customers changing business needs and market developments. Our integrated communication technology platforms can scale globally, while maintaining our exceptional quality service and support.


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