Cloud Worldwide Services (CWS)

Cloud Worldwide Services (CWS) is a leading developer of Cloud solutions (PaaS and SaaS) with a successful track record of moving traditional communication technologies like customer interaction recording and fax to the cloud. As an Advanced level AWS Technology Partner, we build sophisticated solutions in the cloud that our partners and customers can deploy anywhere in the world with no up-front cost and on-demand capacity.


Our industry leading compliance recording solution, Recordia, was purposely built to address the challenges of rapidly changing global regulations including MiFID II, GDPR, PCI, Dodd-Frank, and CCPA. As a pure SaaS solution Recordia eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional premise based recording technologies to significantly streamline the cost to deploy and maintain a global compliance program. 


As a provider of complex compliance recording solutions Wilmac will leverage cloud based recording technology from CWS to deploy sophisticated compliance recording solutions for clients who need to capture every customer interaction, (Voice, Wireless, VoIP, Skype, SMS, emails, fax) across any channel, in any location.


With Recordia from CWS, Wilmac clients can record with ease and efficiency in the cloud with leading edge security and encryption. As a pure SaaS solution customers can deploy Recordia with no up-front cost, a “pay-as-you-use” SaaS business model, and the ability to scale capacity up and down each month as required. Customers can record interactions across any channel, securely store them for any required amount of time, and seamlessly retrieve them from the cloud when needed in a searchable format.


With industry leading professional services from Wilmac they will leverage Recordia’s extensive set of API’s to seamlessly integrate to any customer environment, including CRM applications (such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics) and existing legacy recording technologies, to help large financial institutions successfully transition their compliance programs to the cloud.