Wordwatch is a unique portal that draws recording data from multiple call recording systems from multiple vendors (such as Redbox, NICE and Verint) whether they are legacy, live, cloud-based or on-premise.


Wordwatch takes compliance adherence and competitive advantage to the next level by using cutting-edge technology to retrieve, access and drive insight from data, wherever it resides. The data is presented in one single portal which allows the user to manage, replay, store, extract and report on with one ‘single pane of glass’ to access all data.


How Wordwatch Can Help Your Business

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Migrate database into one portal and keep audio in original format and location, so that you can eliminate the need for costly legacy system support contracts.
  • Meet Compliance Needs: Easily find, access and export call recordings by having a single view of multiple systems and allow your teams to self-serve across recordings.
  • Future Proof Investment: Ability to easily connect to new capture engines ensuring that no matter what solutions and applications are implemented in the future, they can easily be integrated.
  • Free Yourself from Vendor Hold: Access all of your data in one place and deploy the right applications for your business regardless of vendor eg. Redbox, NICE or Verint.
  • Turn Your Data into Insight: Data has the power to transform your business. However it’s often inaccessible due to the lack of compatibility between solutions and third party applications.
  • Manage Your Recordings: Access data from multiple systems in a single view by recorder, site, user, time and all available metadata incorporating live, legacy or mobile.


Wordwatch Features Include:

  • A Single Portal: A single point of access for data from multiple systems and multiple vendors whether live, legacy, cloud-based or on-premise.
  • Centralized Management: Manage your data centrally for purposes such as litigation hold, compliance and policy admin.
  • Bulk Extract: Ability to automate extraction to analytics, trade reconstruction tools or regulators.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Intuitive user Interface giving the user the ability to search for calls efficiently and effectively for easy playback.
  • Advanced Reporting: Advanced reporting/BI to help you identify trends and patterns across all data sets.
  • Open API’s: We use open API’s to allow you to interact with your data however you see fit.