OPX Back Office Workforce Optimization

OPX is an award-winning back office workforce optimization solution that provides the right tools and the right level of advanced functionality to integrate front and back office work.

As a digital operations transformation suite, OPX provides modular, flexible, and easy to implement solutions for businesses that want to see a step change in their human resourcing and operational management.

The OPX Back Office solution delivers volume work tasks to the most appropriate resources – skilled human or robotic - based on an organization’s defined business priorities. Work task progress, quality and conclusions are tracked and reported in granular detail to enhance visibility and drive dramatic business transformation.

  • Real-time management of work and staff
  • Performance and utilization
  • Proactive SLA management (reports & dashboards)
  • Quality analysis and mentoring
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Skills based and prioritized work allocation


OPX provides everything your normal WFO suite would provide - advanced analytics and reporting, smart work allocation and case management, robotic process automation, and more. The key difference is that it can apply these tools across the board to multiple systems at once, not just in the contact center. As a platform agnostic cloud solution, it is not only simple and affordable to deploy, it is compatible with any existing IT platforms and highly scalable.

In terms of core capabilities, OPX can:

  • Orchestrate and automate workloads
  • Manage inbound demand channels
  • Automatically allocate resources, regardless of location
  • Adapt scheduling in real time according to need
  • Blend operations across the back office and front office
  • Blend deployment of human and robotic agents
  • Via its Management Information (MI) tool, provide continuous in-depth reporting and data to provide end-to-end operational insight