Achieving Successful Call Recording Management Through a Single Pane of Glass

White Paper | January 25, 2023

Is your current recorder nearing end-of-life or are you considering a transition to the cloud? 

Then there are several factors you must consider to ensure your call recording data migration goes smoothly and that you’re maintaining compliance with retention periods. 

In Achieving Successful Call Recording Management through a Single Pane of Glass, the experts at Wilmac review: 

  • What Enterprise Information Archiving is 
  • The forgotten world of voice (or call recording) data 
  • How to access your voice data in both legacy and production environments 
  • The questions you need to consider when migrating your voice data 
  • A Continuity Replay customer success story  

We understand that dealing with lengthy retention policies can cause lots of issues. This white paper shares a glimpse into how similar companies have resolved this challenge, mitigating the risk and costs associated with it. 

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