We’ve most likely asked you this question before: do you record calls in your organization?  

If you do, there is an opportunity for you to use Wilmac Continuity Replay. 

Continuity Replay was born out of customer requests seven years ago. From consolidating voice data from multiple platforms to facilitating easier search & replay, we wanted to create a solution that could unlock call recording data and allow your organization to utilize it as needed. 

We have learned about and developed the use cases for Continuity Replay over the past seven years and have witnessed its ability to make organizations’ lives easier, whether it’s for retention, consolidation, extraction, or decommission purposes. 

And we’re not done improving and enhancing it to make it more useful to organizations like you. 

Currently, Continuity Replay has the following feature and functionality set: 

  • Browser-based search & replay 
  • On-premise or cloud deployment 
  • Encryption at rest 
  • Speech-to-text transcription 
  • PII text & audio redaction 
  • Phonetic indexing phrase searching 

These features minimize the challenges of audio archiving and retrieval that come with your typical call recording vendors. From freely searching & replaying legacy files and protecting your data at all times to removing sensitive information and transcribing your recordings, Continuity Replay has many benefits. 

With Version 4 of Continuity Replay being released February 28th, you’ll find an exciting new User Interface that the Wilmac Development team has been tirelessly perfecting. It also covers security updates, including a JQuery upgrade and session level authentication management. But, some of the biggest new feature additions to Continuity Replay V4 include litigation hold and retention purge. 

Litigation hold is a stipulation requiring a company to preserve all data that may relate to a legal action involving the company. This requirement ensures that the data in question will be available for the discovery process prior to litigation. 

This new feature molds well with the addition of retention purge. An organization must retain their call recordings for a certain period. When that time is up, Continuity Replay will automatically purge the recordings so they’re not taking up space within your system.  

How do these two features work together? Your organization has a retention period of 7 years for compliance and regulatory purposes. Within Continuity Replay, the purging of these calls will happen automatically after they have been in storage for 7 years. Let’s say that one of your traders is being investigated by the SEC for interactions between February 1st-15th, 2015. You can then put a litigation hold on those specific recordings, so they’re not purged with the other files that have met the end of their retention period. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Continuity Replay and the V4 release, book a demo with our Voice Management and Archiving team. This solution offers distinct capabilities compared to major voice recording vendors and can significantly enhance your efficiency with archiving and optimizing your voice data.