Wilmac is excited to announce a new partnership with PolyAI, an industry-leading technology provider for enterprise voice assistants. The increasing complexity of customer demands has made the value of a reliable and sophisticated AI voice assistant that much higher. This partnership combines an outstanding, continuously improved upon conversational AI and a diverse set of services that guide you through the sales, implementation, and support processes. 

PolyAI has created enterprise voice assistants that carry on natural conversations with customers to solve their problems. They’ve supplied organizations in banking, hospitality, insurance, retail, and telecommunications industries with high-functioning voice assistants to cut down on wait times and free up live agents to focus on other calls. As a result of adopting PolyAI, these enterprises have improved customer satisfaction, employee retention, and operational efficiency. 

Some defining characteristics of PolyAI’s voice assistants include: 

Accurate understanding in any circumstances and language 

PolyAI continuously optimizes the way its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model works with automatic speech recognition (ASR) to understand a caller’s intent regardless of accents, quirks, background noise, and patchy connections.  

Human-level conversational awareness 

With an NLU model designed for contextual awareness, PolyAI voice assistants remember where a conversation started and where it’s currently at. Customers can speak naturally as they would with a live agent and the PolyAI bot will comprehend the conversation.  

Effortless information collection 

PolyAI voice assistants help reduce customer effort by collecting information from customers intuitively. They can intelligently recall relevant information to answer questions, change information, or complete transactions. 

Proactive dialogue management 

Unlike many voice assistants, PolyAI’s are not limited by predefined, convoluted dialogue trees. Instead, their machine learning model selects the most relevant responses at every step of a conversation without relying on “if-this-then-that” flows. 

PolyAI offers a flexible, customizable, and unique AI voice assistant experience for all their clients. They’ve been widely recognized by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Conversational AI and by CB Insights in the 2021 AI 100 list. 

The realm of AI voice assistants can be tricky to navigate due to the increasing customer distaste toward them. Ensuring you employ an ahead-of-the-curve, accurate, and humanistic voice assistant is no simple task. But, with PolyAI and Wilmac, you can apply an extremely sophisticated and results-driven voice assistant to your customer service and have peace of mind knowing you’ll be guided through the process from presales all the way to continued support. 

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