Your System, Your Schedule. Don’t Let the Manufacturer Dictate Your Timetable


Here is a situation we see occasionally: Wilmac’s Solution Manger John Doe reaches out to one of his customers, Jane Smith, to let her know that the Call Recording system she purchased from Wilmac nearly five years ago is approaching its “End of Life” (aka “EOL”). Unfortunately, Jane has several more days/weeks/months to go before she will have the time, resources, or bandwidth to think about replacing the system. It is also very possible that the system is still in good working order (thanks in large part to Wilmac’s ongoing maintenance of the system) and so Jane feels that it is not worth the money right now to purchase a brand new system.

What other options does Jane have? Will she be forced into an upgrade she does not need or want?

Absolutely not. Jane does have options, and Wilmac is very proud to offer them. For just this very situation, Wilmac has formed a partnership with Market Communication to ensure that organizations with EOL voice capture solutions still have access to the highest quality extended support for their legacy recording and turret systems.

This partnership has great value for customers like Jane Smith:

  1. Jane is not forced into an upgrade that she is not ready to accept or does not want
  2. Jane can continue to deal directly with her existing representative at Wilmac, John Doe, instead of having to reach out to an unfamiliar third-party company for support
  3. Jane can rest assured that her Call Recording and/or turret system is properly maintained until she is ready to make a transition

To put it simply, Wilmac acts as the gatekeepers between customers like Jane Smith and the services she needs. She gains access to all of the combined resources that Wilmac and Market Communications have to offer, but all interactions, communications, and even billing will be channeled directly through Wilmac. Jane continues to work with the representative she knows and trusts, and she doesn’t need to worry about conflicting or contradictory communications.

Additionally, Wilmac already knows her company’s turret and Call Recording history. There is no need to rehash the past or bring a new representative up to speed. Wilmac is familiar with her organization and industry and can make sure that whatever path she takes, it is one that aligns with her company’s goals and objectives.

Moving away from the Jane Smith example now, we encourage you to consider this situation as a very real example of something our customers can face. If your Call Recording or turret solution is at its End of Life, or is nearly EOL, we would love to work with you to determine the best path forward. Don’t let the manufacturer dictate when and how you should proceed. Instead, embrace that fact that you have options, and with Wilmac and Market Communications, move forward on your schedule.

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