Your System Won’t Last Forever – 5 End of Life Milestones You Should Know


No technology lasts forever, and your Voice Recording and related applications are no exception.  

When the manufacturer discontinues a product, it becomes “End of Life”. You may also hear the words “Legacy”, “Sunset”, or the acronym “EOL” used to describe the discontinued product. These descriptors are interchangeable and can be used when discussing an old/older system.

In addition to understanding different words used to describe the discontinued product, having a firm grasp of the milestones in the End of Life process will help your organization prepare and plan for the future.

These steps (listed below in the order they occur) make up the End of Life process:

  1. Sunset Announcement: Official announcement from a manufacturer that a product or version will become End of Life.
  2. End of Sale: The last day a specific product and/or version will be sold commercially.
  3. End of Expansion Sale: The last day the hardware or software can be expanded within the same product version at existing sites.
  4. End of Software Development: The last day a manufacturer will code fixes, changes, or third-party software certifications.
  5. End of Support: The last day the manufacturer will provide any kind of support, including parts, training or help desk services.

No matter whether you call your old system End of Life, EOL, Legacy, or Sunset, it’s important to plan for the future. Knowing key EOL phrases and dates is the first step. Recognizing that there are options to help keep your system running, even if it has become or soon will become Legacy, is the important next step. Don’t let the manufacturer determine your timeline; make updates on your schedule.

Do you know the EOL milestone dates for your specific system?  We’d be happy to help you find your systems’ EOL date information!

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