Wilmac Consulting Assessments


Whether you are a Contact Center, Public Safety, or Financial Services organization, your Call Recording solution is important to your successful operation. It is crucial to ensure that your solution is meeting your needs and helping you achieve your goals. At Wilmac, we understand this reality and designed our consulting assessments to be informative and helpful.

Here’s how it works: Wilmac’s experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will take the time to understand your current state and your goals. They will take a comprehensive look at your people, equipment, and processes to identify gaps and areas for improvement. Your Wilmac consultant will then provide you with specific and actionable recommendations, a suggested implementation plan, and even an ROI analysis.

Key benefits of this services include:

  • All assessments are performed by Subject Matter Experts, each with many years of experience. They understand your industry, any applicable laws, regulations, and best practices, and will take the time to understand your organization and goals in order to provide valuable recommendations
  • All recommendations are based on a vendor-agnostic, objective look at your current state and a thorough understanding of your needs and goals
  • We offer operational assessments unique to each industry we serve and have dedicated Subject Matter Experts for Contact Centers, Public Safety and Security organizations, and Financial Compliance institutions. This will allow you to rest assured that your consultant has the industry knowledge and experience necessary to provide great value to your organization

Whether your goal is compliance, improved quality, or data management, our skilled consultants can help.

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