Understanding PSAP Performance

Running a 911 center isn’t easy. Challenges can come from every direction: social pressures, scrutiny over incident handling, quality, resource, funding and technology issues. You can’t address the challenges without asking the tough questions.

Unfortunately, the answers are often hidden away in data spread across a multitude of systems. 911 center managers need a single point of truth to bring all their data together, so they can better understand:

  • What happened?
  • How it happened?
  • What performed or didn’t and why?
  • And what’s happening now?

NICE Inform is that single point of truth.

Let’s take the first question – What happened? There are a lot of reasons 911 centers need to understand what happened. Maybe they’ve come under scrutiny for their handling of an incident, or they’re overwhelmed by DA or FOIA requests.

NICE Inform makes it easy to capture and reconstruct exactly what people said, heard and did during incidents, all in one place – for a comprehensive understanding of what happened.

On-going development and integrations deliver even more data-driven insights to 911 centers. This includes knowing exactly where 911 calls originated from, along with the ability to use precise location information for visual searching, and both hear and see what callers were doing.