Transforming Policing with Digital Evidence Management

How digital evidence is collected, analyzed, and shared can make a tremendous difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of Police Departments. Yet managing this digital evidence - from data analytics and mobile workforce optimization to online citizen engagement and investigations - can be difficult.

With a robust Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), agencies can transform their departments and achieve remarkable results.

12 Ways Digital Evidence Management is Transforming Policing

  1. Expedites Charging Decisions and Increases Early Guilty Pleas
  2. Mobile Apps Extend Access to Emergency Calls to Officers in the Field
  3. Keeping Digital Evidence Digital Improves Chain of Custody and Saves Time, Resources and Money
  4. Augment Investigative Know-How with Analytics
  5. Electronic Evidence Sharing Promotes Justice
  6. Secure Sharing Process Reduces Risks of Breaches and Fines
  7. Builds Community Engagement by Making Evidence Crowdsourcing Easy
  8. Makes Evidence More Accessible and Actionable
  9. Efficiency Gains Help Investigators Close Cases Faster
  10. Helps Officers Work Smarter and Safer
  11. Keeps up with Evolving Crime Trends
  12. Addresses Custom Digital Transformation Needs of Larger Agencies

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